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Salsa Beginners bootcamps
St Brides Centre, Orwell terrace

Due to injury all my non Edinburgh University Salsa Society classes have been cancelled until future notice. Bootcamps and workshops will commence again in either the summer or the autumn 2013. If you wish to be informed about these or our future plans please email Lloyd by clicking the email option below

Following the success of our Beginners Course at the 2010 international congress 'Great British Salsa Experience', and the success of our trial in Edinburgh we are now running Absolute Beginners Bootcamps so that learning can be speedily consolidated and people can move quickly into the higher levels. These bootcamps will comprise three 3-hour workshops held on a Saturday. These bootcamps will suit absolute beginners, those who dance another style and who wish to try out Cross Body style, or those that simply want to extend their current learning by experiencing another teacher (an extremely beneficial strategy for boosting your skills)

We are currently taking bookings for our next bootcamp which is planned for 5th November 2011 (conditional on having sufficient booking to go ahead):

When:         TBC
Where:        St Brides Centre, Orwell Terrace
10:00 -13:00
Cost:           £20/£16(concession)

Please email Lloyd to book a place at salsalloyd@blueyonder.co.uk

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