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lol..........good point Fiesta

" The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (SDA) makes it unlawful for pubs and nightclubs which are open to the public to discriminate on the ground of sex when providing goods, facilities and services, even if they are free. The SDA is written in terms of discrimination against women but it applies equally to discrimination against men."

......although on transvestites ........

"Discrimination against transsexual people is unfortunately not unlawful in the area of goods facilities and services as it is in employment but there is a strong argument that it should be so." so you could let them in for free or a Tenner

AND as for men in dresses "A nightclub is advertising free entry for 'anyone wearing a skirt'. Is this lawful?

This would be indirect sex discrimination because fewer men then women could comply with this requirement and the requirement is not justifiable."

entry level 2 intermediate improver instructors with shiny red bowler hats and clown shoes should definately be free of course

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