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Hi Salsita,

Yes, she does, here's the URL:

You'll see that what her company mainly offers is language holidays but follow the links for the dance and activity holidays from the home page and you'll get into the pages for the dance holidays to Cuba. they also publish a glossy brochure you can order via the Net.

Kath is a keen salsa dancer herself and has family connections with Cuba. Personally I've never met anyone yet who has been to Cuba with her (she accompanies all the groups herself as far as I know) who has bad word to say about her trips. The accommadation is basic but spotlessly clean and has everything you need including in my experience a very warm welcome from the people you stay with.

But don't take just my word for it - there are others who frequent this site who have been with her and whom I'll sure will respond to a request for help as well. Also, a number of the people who frequent the Merlin and the Rueda club in Edinburgh have been with her too. So if you are Edinburgh based and ever go there, ask around.


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