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aha ...thanx, keep me right Philip. I cannie speak spanish. Sorry if i misunderstood.

Got to use all my CHEESEY firemen lines .. 'lets burn up the dance floor hot stuff' .... 'come on baby light my fire', 'can i practice sliding down your pole' ... and the refreshing thing is that can have a good laugh and still treat you right. Lets face it lifes too short to take it too seriously .. were only going to die and tombstones don't tell tales so you may as well enjoy life as much as it allows. Afraid i have to miss Favella too have to meet up my mates and they not up for salsa. So, i guess its Buffalo Joes for me ... off to get my chaps fringy crop top and cowgirl hat. I'm just a blue grass country girl at heart. Intending to visit Tennesse this year. I won't want to come back. New years resolution ... pick up my guitar playing again. I miss making music with an ache.

But on a more relevant note - the application forms for DANCE FEVER are now available from the dance fever website - there is also a phone number to call. So, good luck peeps. They have to be in for Jan 2006 - i think.

TAKE CARE . I hope ya all have a great night.

Love sharon x

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