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AlmeidaGirl's Nature boy is getting a lot of volume in my car of late, not that I normally like these cross over tunes , but it has a real punchystart , good pace and the band are great . It also lead me on to the songs author who's proved to be quiet an interesting character ......... quote " This song was written by Eden Ahbez, one of the strangest songwriters of the pre-Hippie era. He was a beatnik poet, but more accurately a proto-Hippie, choosing to wear long hair, a full beard and long, white, flowing garments that promoted a Christ-like appearance. He lived in Griffith Park in Los Angeles and ate fruit, vegetables and nuts. Ahbez was born in Brooklyn in 1908, and he claimed to have been raised in an orphanage and to have crossed the US on foot 8 times before age 35. He moved to Los Angeles in the '40s, lived on 3 dollars a week, and lectured on Hollywood street corners about Oriental mysticism. "

there you go !

style technique ....loadsa feeling ..........and looks

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