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Boys and their lists, eh? Must get the John Cusack 'Hi Fidelity' dvd out again some time soon. Well, here goes with an all time 10 must-have salsa cds. Again, I have inflicted all of these on the Merlin dancers over the past 18 months:

Cogele El Gusto - Wayne Gorbea
Martina - Africando
Mandali - Africando
Retrato Musical - Roberto Torres
Back To The Future - Willie Rosario
Fabricando Fantasias - Tito Nieves
Nuevo Milenio El Mismo Sabor - El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico
Combinacion Perfecta - Various RMM Artists (Celia Cruz, Oscar de Leon, Jose Alberto, Tito Puente, etc)
Exitos - Louie Ramirez & Ray De La Paz
Descarga Total - Maraca

I buy a lot of my cds from Luis Libres, he's very reliable and sources some fabulous music that others don't seem able to get hold of. His mobile is 07958 313143, home tel 0208 8000 460. But the Wayne Gorbea, Maraca and Africando cds should still be available in the shops

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