Keith D (Keith D) - 15th December 2004 23:25:49 in section Top10
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Not that i'm assuming that anyone is interested, but here is my top 10 for 2004, all dancefloor-tested at the Merlin... 'Fabricando Fantasias' is my top song of the year by a mile, the rest are in no particular order:

Fabricando Fantasias - Tito Nieves
Ella no esta en na - Manolito Simolet y su Trabuco
No es tan facil - Son 14
Rico mi son - Edwin Bonilla
Un gran dia en el barrio - Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Hasta que te enamores - Tony Vega
Las mujeres - Grupo Gale
No me hace falta - Victor Manuelle
La formula - Pedro Jesus & Tito Rojas
La historia de la salsa - Saul Diaz

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