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What are you getting so aggressive and abusive for? In your previous post you suggested that a guy from the Dominican Republic made up the routine then you asked:

I thought it was Farah's choreography also.....can anyone explain this?

I answered the question in good faith. The part about the non-Spanish speaker was just to point out that if the listener didn’t speak Spanish, and wasn’t familiar with the dance, they might not be aware that the singer was actually giving them an instruction, and that it wasn’t just an abstract choreography.

The fact that you seemed to have taken “some dancers” to mean “Chris Traynor” testifies only to your own paranoia. And the poetic way you swapped my words around to make me out to be a bad dancer - oooh - that really hurt, so it did.

How was my grammar by the way? I mean I can take you trying to slag of my dancing but if you are having a go at my grammar as well then that’s something I just might not be prepared up with to put.

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