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El Loquito (El Loquito) - 9th December 2004 20:54:37 in section Top10
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I dont want to put them in order but
here's my current top 10 salsa tracks...

Tito Nieves - El Capitan
Grupo Mandinga - Saborea
Ricky Gonzales - Mi Rumba Es Candela
Van Lester - Sonero
Marc Anthony - Valio la Pena (~needs a few bits cut out)
Machito - Holiday Mambo
Jose Alberto - Canta Canario
Spanish Harlem Orchestra - Everything!
Orquesta La Palabra - Going to Shenzhen (Cha Cha)
Mercadonegro - Tributo a Eddie Palmieri
Efren Avellaneda - Estoy en algo
Victor Manuelle - Llore Llore
El Gran Combo - Me Libere Salsa Remix
Jimmy Delgado - Bandera
Alex Wilson - Nature Boy
Carlos Oliva - Vehicle
Carlos Oliva - Play that funky music (cringeworthy I know!)
Hansel Martinez - Love potion no9 (Cha Cha)
Sonora Carruseles - La Comay
Los Titanes - Merencumbe
Hector Lavoe - Periodico de Ayer (Prefer Los Titanes version)

Oops better stop. Can't count!


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