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Re: Re: Line Dance Video on YouTube (CHRIS) - 4th September 2007 01:51:34 in section Help
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This is very strange. I have just come across this topic which is very relevant tonight.

A man came into my class in Jongleurs tonight who had seen these videos of us on youtube and claimed to know the guy from the Dominican Republic who made up this line dance for Mueve la Colita!

Anyway, he's coming over soon and apparently is coming to see me as he would like to know how I learned the routine.

I thought it was Farah's choreography also.....can anyone explain this?

Of course it's pretty dated but it's still great fun for beginners and gets them moving quickly and almost painlessly. That's one of the most important things I think.

Ira, if you read this then I never received an email from you and so was not ignoring you.

There are tons of other versions of these now, especially Mueve la Colita.

Drop me a line and I'll tell you

PS we have now made up 4 other line dance routines to famous merengue and salsa tracks which we'll show you on video if you like. We do some in class and are introducing more all the time.

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