Missing MOOD Banner (Janice & Orlando) - 6th December 2004 14:52:37 in section Heated
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Orlando and I were very annoyed to find our 10ft long promotional banner, situated outside Club MOOD was stolen.

At first we thought it was a prank by students, but after a tip-off we went to the Police and reported the banner as stolen. The whole of the Omni Centre is screened by CCTV. Jackpot! Someone was caught on camera at 5.16am on Friday 19th November.

Orlando and I were given the opportunity of looking at the CCTV tape to see if we can identify the person captured on camera.

The outcome is... If the person we saw taking the banner is to put it back over the next few days, we will take this no further and we will not name and shame them.

We can't believe they would go so low as to stealing our banner.

Orlando and Janice

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