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Ha ha ha ! Steady my Greek friend you are getting hold of the wrong end of several sticks here ! Duncy ( Arta dj and wag ) was being rather mischievious in suggesting that I would request a reggeaton record as he well knows , indeed anyone who knows me would see me chewing my own foot off first befor doing so !

I have no objection to a few being played as it gives me a clear run at the bar and I can watch the girls dance/gyrate around thier handbags whilst I'm having flashbacks to the 80's ! Sometimes I can even get a playfull wigwam practise whilst clutching my pint ! ...........

.....and as for scratching , biting etc etc there's none of that at all, the atmosphere and buzz at Arta is really positive and full of Lurve... its a really good night

The ladeee dancer in the 4/10 clip was plucked from the front row of the students and although obviously a little nervous I think she was brilliant. These classses were 200 - 300 strong and to stand up on the podium and help with the demo must be really intimidating .

btw like your shirt in the video .........

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