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One of these days filip, I will show up in Arta, Just waiting for all the protective in the town, I can get my hand on, such is extra pads helmet, cushions for all those punches, kicks, bites, scratches which are in store for me, aren’t they? Not to mention that scary mastiff!

Now on the, not so brilliant stuff. I m just looking to it, from a critical eyes, which observed a few (not so co-ordinated) moves form the girl side, or may be, I m just being jealous of her! Dancing with such a muscles… I haven’t youtube myself yet, for Latino style salsa, but I have done it, in Greek-style. Which is actually, Greek-style reggaeton, thought since you been bothering, the DJ for it, now and again. I will play it for you…. Wondering if that could be of any

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