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Re: Re: Our Developing Salsascene (Nick) - 23rd October 2004 11:51:43 in section Heated
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Thanks everyone for these responses. It's interesting to hear of other situations elsewhere to compare to. I also note the familiar cancellation of Scottish events this weekend for private functions or change of management etc. I keep coming back to two basic ideas.

One is that more often than not a venue does not stick with Salsa, or they don't give Salsa priority. At least it makes sense for Salsa to stay very loyal to venues that have shown that they are reliable and loyal to Salsa. That would be one reason to organise events cooperatively. Glasgow's competition has been called fragile. People worry that Salsa Mood in Edinburgh will undermine the established events and then be dropped too, so "double" means "nothing".

Second, it is really short-sighted for any one of us to be enjoying a Salsa night, paid entry or free, and then not to buy a couple of drinks at the bar. It really is our own fault if we fail in this simple and cheap way of showing our appreciation to the venue. Even if you don't drink your drinks, think of it as your investment in future fun.

Entry to clubs elsewhere in the world can be several times higher than what we pay, and they still expect drinks to be bought on top of that. We have very cheap Salsa in Scotland. What many clubs around the world use is a good alternative to us just buying drinks ourselves, and that is an entry ticket that includes the price of a free drink or two. I would suggest that organisers routinely build this in so we get used to a more realistic idea of what things cost and so that venues feel more positive and loyal to Salsa. We're the Salseros, they're not. So don't expect them to work and pay out money during antisocial hours for us!

So, in summary, I say, 1. be loyal to loyal venues and 2. make us Salseros invest in Salsa at the bar.

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