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Sweetheart, I am shocked by your comments! Simple question, does Duncan play Reggaeton, doesn't need a personal attack in response.

Ref the first bit of ur post as I don't have the time u seem to have (up to where u hit CAPS LOCK - mistake?):
1. Don't remember saying everyone knows who I am
2. Haven't posted a pic, true, but now I know u'r playing Sherlock Holmes I think I'll wait and give u a name is ^ Am I male or am I female?
3. Not complaining, just expressing an opinion. But wishing nights called Salsa nights are Salsa nights (isn't there a law about this, trades descriptions etc). Shannon has the decency to call her's Latino, Farah personally mentions what she will play, so if u like/expect different Latin music there's not a problem. Not declaring nights otherwise will incur DJs being slagged off, but not done by me here to date. DJs are ace!
4. Would prefer to sit out during the Salsa tracks I don't like thanks, rather than other unexpected forms of tracks
5. People sometimes drink water because of the time it takes to get served at the bar. Let's solve this age-old problem first. Easy solved by some vending machines. Oui, non?

Might read the rest of ur post next week. Now lighten up, huh?

Dr Watson

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