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I couldn't have put it better myself! I would also go nuts if it was salsa all night, have you not seen how people react when danz does the entertainment?
.....She only gets as far as "is everybody ready for some reg..." and she gets cut off every time by rapturous applause and woo hoos.
People LOVE it's not just us, and she's right you cant only put on music for people who have already learnt salsa and you do need group stuff to make it more sociable, it creates a wonderful atmosphere, and like danz says if you dont like it it doesnt kill you to sit out a couple of songs.
Or, hey, adam and.....frogs i still cant remember her name....did salsa to a reggeaton track at the amateur finals, it might not be the norm to dance salsa to a reggeaton track but who gives a frog! If thats what you feel like doing and it fits to the music just do it!
Hell i've seen people doing salsa in a hip hop club. It's a bit of a giggle is all, that's what we're out for anyway right?!
If everybody agreed with you and the floor really did empty when a reggeaton track came on then i think you'd have a valid case but it simply is not, and it is a dj's job to cater for all tastes not just their own so i'm backing danz on that statement.....give the dj's........a kit kat!! ;) lol xx

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