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So come back!!! (Danz) - 17th October 2006 22:51:27 in section Heated
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Careful with this swalksy person! She's feisty!!!

You need to get out more swalksy! We miss you! Was good to see you at the ball at least! Come to favela... Friday was SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun! Shame you missed it!

I joined the international students society at my uni last Monday & emailed and talked to some of the other memebers... and talked them all into coming along... and the place was jumping!!! It was awesome! I couldn't believe it! It felt like a different club! What a difference! Full of lively latinos and many more! Lots of new faces all loving the music! :)
And you should have seen their faces when we mentioned doing some reggaeton! They loved it! Great mix of different kinds of Latino music the whole night... which is just what they wanted. Some of them said in their emails that they used to go to Favela about a year ago but stopped because there was too much salsa salsa salsa and it said it got a bit monotonous. So I promised them it would be varied, and sure enough Shannon and Momo delivered a BRILLIANT set! The club was full of laughter and fun till the very last minute! :) Everyone was interacting and it was like a huge party... just like old times!!! :) Everyone commented on what a good night it was! :)

And that was mostly just through spreading the news by word of mouth. Tomorrow the head of the association is sending out a circular email and will add in about "LATINO NIGHTS" at Favela every friday (well, Saturday next weekend coz of the Halloween party). So ALL the international students will know about it this time... Think it'll be even better! And I'm sure TUMBAO will play an equally great variation as always so as not to disappoint and drive them away (won't you!!!! kidding! ;) I trust you both completely!)

So come and join the fun Sooz! There's just something missing without you!! ;) ;);) (I'm such a charmer!!! hehe!)

If not, I'm SURE I'll see you next Saturday at the Halloween party! Woohoo!!! :)
But I still don't have a costume!!! AAAAAHHH!!!!! Help!

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