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Re: Re: glasgow clubs (Danz) - 25th August 2006 10:56:41 in section Heated
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This is great talk! I'm loving all the warm comments about accepting all types of music. I even danced (and quite successfully I might add) CBL style!!! Woohoooo!! ;) Spins n all!... and it was on Arta's floor.. come on... you gotta be impressed! :D

Duncan was brilliant on the decks last night... Great variety of music! I had an awesome night! And on the last reggaeton track the whole floor filled with people (think mostly newbies to the Latin scene, and this seconds the comment about tracks eg merengue that get beginners up). I was thrilled that there was even one... over the moon when there was more to follow!)... everyone was dancing, laughing and joking around... now that's what i'm talkin about!!!

Well done Duncanario! You did a great job of pleasing the crowd as a whole... and it was about 80% salsa so even the hardcore salsaholics got their fix.

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