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i on the other hand was expecting for there to be none at all that night given the hassle poor shannons been given about it so when i heard the reggeaton track i was over the moon!!!! even if it was snuck in while she wasnt lukin, lol i thawt that made it even better tehehe----------no before u think it it wasnt me! i'm not that clued up about these tings.

I'm not a big fan of merengue most of the time either i gotta say unless its a really steamy one as it doesnt give you the same buzz and brings your heart rate down but it does mean that when someone who doesnt dance asks me to dance rather than trying really hard to dodge their feet and putting on a brave smile, or worse making up some really lame excuse that they probably know full well is totally fake, i can just ask them to wait till a merengue track and i can actually genuinely enjoy my dance with them because, when they realise they're not makin complete idiots of themselves as they were expecting, they get that thrilled look in their eyes that we all had when dancing was new to us. Someobody has to agree with me on this one...

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