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Son Cubano Intensive Bootcamp - THIS WEEKEND!!! Places going fast. (descarga) - 18th May 2011 14:20:53 in section Workshops
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SON CUBANO BOOTCAMP - WITH DESCARGA DANCE Embrace the elegance of Cuban Son over one weekend - the quintessential Cuban dance, and the root of all Salsa. Our intensive Sat. class will boost your dancing, and have you mastering the rhythms in only a few hours, allowing you to jump-start what we promise will be a beautiful relationship with Son! Join us on the Sunday to develop your styling and master Son in Rueda. Learn how to input elements from Son into your Salsa, but more importantly throw yourself into it, and open up a wealth of dance possibilities - be it our Advanced Casino or Timba classes, or a turn around the dancefloor.

Stage 1 Son Intensive - Saturday 2.30-5.30 £16 - beginners (to Son) though def. suitable for even advanced salsa dancers.
Son/Salon Styling - Sunday 2.30-3.30pm £7.50 - for anyone who has completed a stage 1 Son course (incl.Saturdays) or has significant experience of the rhythm.
Casino Clasico Booster - Sunday 3.45-5.15 £7.50 - Rueda de Contratiempo - suitable for anyone who has completed a Stage 1 Son course (such as that on Saturday or Descarga's previous courses) or with significant experience of contra-tiempo and (basic and upwards) salsa.

BUY BOTH SUNDAY WORKSHOPS FOR £12 OR ALL 3 FOR £25   With Descarga Dance, you are guaranteed top quality teaching with Yainer Carbonell Vegueriz, of Lady Salsa and Principal Dancer with TVC Ballet Nacional. With an emphasis on the cultural and historical aspects of the dance, as much as the passes and technicalities, Descarga Dance are committed to getting students to immerse themselves in the rhythms of popular music - and the Son especially - in order to relax into the dance, and smile! Another thing you're guaranteed with Descarga Dance!   No partner necessary.   For more information, and to book a place, please call Kate on 07717754702 or email descargadance@gmail.com. Visit www.descarga-dance.com or find us on Facebook/Descarga Dance

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