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Re: Re: Re: glasgow clubs (Yoda) - 13th August 2006 13:37:19 in section Heated
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Well not all of us like reggaeton, and i have to say that in some cases, in Favella, reggaeton was played all night, which, i my opinion doesn't cater for a mixed taste in music from the folk attending, when the nights are advertised as a salsa night.

I don't mind it personally, but i do feel at times its just been a little bit too much. I would like a more even, balanced mix of salsa, reggaeton and other latin tracks to enjoy dancng too. Its not a case of running out of ideas, more a case of too much of the same kind of music.

Also in response to sofias message, come on CBL dancers, i was out in favella last night and only 2 others were there. I had a great night none the less, thanks Duncan for the DJn. But where are they all? Have they got some place they they all go to dance at the weekend that I don't know about?

I agree about having some fun, but a better mix of music would be appreciated.

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