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Mhmm? I was DJing in Favela on Friday and played only one Reggaetton track and it lasted 3minutes and 10 seconds meaning that Reggaetton made up only 1.03% of the music I played that night. Not sure if that constitiutes a Reggaeton phase although it is more than I would normally play. Truth is of course that there are different DJs who DJ in Favela and if you don't like one of their styles then maybe you would like one of the other ones. The Tumbao nights are always SALSA nights with the latest latin music and only a sprinkling of Reggaeton and Bachata etc. Since Cuban Salsa is the dominant style in Glasgow (and what a rare statement that is) then of course it is mainly attended by Casineros. It doesn't mean that LA/NYers are not welcome. We always try to vary the salsa we play and, believe it or not, no style really dominates. Because we are not Mambo heavy many people assume that we have a Cuban bias but the reality is that only about 30% of what we play is Cuban. Other DJs have different policies so, good or bad, don't lump us all together. Tumbao nights are Salsa nights - not Reggaeton or R&B nights - and the next one is this Friday 4 August!

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