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El Barrio Revisited (Nick) - 6th May 2009 13:23:42 in section Heated
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Hi All,

Coming even later to this discussion. Now that I'm not in the attempted neutral middle of salsa organisers differences, I just have a more personal slant on this.

I still have fond memories of Friday nights in old El Barrio. I did want and have preferred for a time the more dedicated salsa events. I now do want them, AND I find I now want more of a party atmosphere than some of the dedicated events provide. I would like at least a few more skilled salseros to be at the party nights too, but it only takes a few.

I think El Barrio now with it's split rooms and a more dedicated party PLUS salsa resource is really really worth keeping in Edinburgh's now larger scene. Not everyone will want to go, but there's quite enough for two different kinds of clientele with CN, El B, and monthly events as well to choose from. Plus we can and do go from one to the other, those that want to.

In fact, one of the things I like about El Barrio now is that you have a ready made club party going on Fri and Sat in the main room, and it's great to bop away in there too. Wow, choice in the same venue, in Edinburgh - don't knock it!!

Plus lots of those partying youngsters come through and - in that drunken fashion we know so well, and may well stay away as a result of - they are attracted in various ways, lampooning, awe etc. But this is surely a major front door for more people to come into the salsa scene?!! Again, don't knock that, help it - but don't come if you don't want to.

If you don't like El B or Hector or history, don't come to El B. But even for one individual, me, I've changed over the years in what I want. So let's celebrate diversity and make the wide range of kinds of salsa event and club work to their best.

Nick Child

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