Salsa Workshop: Salsa Rapido Intensive for Improvers (£30 max (£25 uni students, £50 c)

Thursday 26th October 2017 to Thursday 26th October 2017.
3 hours of Fast and Fun Improvers with London's Alastair Sadler
Foxy Fiddler bar and Kitchen
192 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3

The Salsa Rapido® Improvers three hour Intensive is a continuation from the beginners and a support course for those at Improver and above. Based on the highly successful i.2.i. courses at London's bar Salsa! Alastair Sadler bring you the best concepts and exercises in a three hour Intensive Course this Autumn.


Salsa Rapido® method uses humour and popular psychology to speed your learning, making it a fast, fun alternative approach to learning salsa. It’s aim is to get you up to ‘club competence’ and beyond as soon as possible, while helping you to avoid many of the bad habits and pitfalls.

Salsa Rapido method works for all regional styles of salsa, enabling you to dance with anyone from anywhere.

It offers unique insights and techniques aimed at enhancing your freestyle salsa experience. Please note that this is not a bunch of moves :-)

Everything in Salsa Rapido is generic to salsa and benefits any regional style.

For a basic outline of who I am and what Salsa Rapido is all about visit


For Improvers and above:

If I’ve missed something just call/text me on 07939012231


Minimum requirements:


Advance Dancers who are thinking of teaching in the future are most welcome on this course but I ask you let me know who you are so I give you extra info.

Where and When:

Two evenings of back to back intensive three hour salsa workshops 7pm to 10pm.

Location: The Foxy Fiddler Bar & Kitchen, 192 Morrison St, Edinburgh EH3, use Haymarket station. Map Link


Wed. 25th Oct. 2017 Salsa Rapido Beginners Intensive.

Thurs. 26th Oct. 2017 Salsa Rapido Improvers plus.

Do one or both, the choice is yours.

Book as a single or a couple, the booking system balances the numbers of men and woman.

Open for ages 18+

£30 max (£25 uni students, £50 couples, £50 for both evenings)



A little bit about me:

Alastair Sadler has been teaching salsa professionally in London since 1995.

He has developed and refined the progressive teaching method called Salsa Rapido®.

Many of his projects have helped define salsa in the UK:

The Salsa Rapido One Day Intensive course (The world's first and most successful intensive course, still running weekly in London)

Editor of Email Salsa News from 1999 -2007.

He hosted the UK's first ever weekly Bachata course at Salsa Camden.

In 2001 he choreographed & performed a solo demo (with a mop and office chair) at several congresses and events throughout Europe.

His TV credits as performer and/or choreographer include Baby Father I & II, Casualty, Happiness, Auf Weidersehn Pet and the BBC Ident.


Every year since 2011 he has performed Stand Up at The Edinburgh Fringe festival, and taken five full run shows there since 2014.

In 2012 he created a new partner dance called Mambalsa which is currently used for corporate events.

There are many Projects still to come.....

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