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The Steeple Church Nethergate Dundee DD1 4DG

5 week courses offered by the pureSalsa Team!

Classes offered for total Beginners, Improvers (Post Beginners.), and Intermediates.

First week to join next Beginners: 22/09/2014

Location: The Steeple Church, Nethergate, Dundee, DD1 4DG

Reserve your place:


----Important information for those interested in the Beginners----

****Beginners class will only go ahead with sufficient interest and balance of follows and leads. Confirmation of class going ahead will be given by 15/09/2014****

****Please ONLY register for the Beginners classes if you are sure of having the time available, and are confident of attendance****

No partner required.

I recommend shoes with minimal grip ie leather soles or worn down sneakers.

Your instructors will be William Quinn and Julianna (with assistants tba.)

William has been dancing ~10 years and instructing for 2. He has benefitted from tuition with some of the world's finest dancers, and is knowledgeable about all forms of Salsa both in terms of dance and music.


Week 1 Beginners : Welcome to SALSA! Tonight you will be introduced to the basic rhythm and steps required to build your future salsa dance skills. With Jules you will be gently introduced to the core ideas at the heart of Salsa and take your first steps together in partnership!

Before you go away, you'll have enough to put a splendid, simple salsa dance together. Your mission? To stay on a little after class and put it into practice for as long as you like.


Improvers: I'll torture you, sorry I mean entertain you, with some new vital piece of Salsa technique!

Intermediates: I'm going to start working us through an advanced routine. If you have any preferences ie patterns taught at the SSC, let me know ASAP.


***********Please note that while Beginners run, Intermeds and Improvers will operate as one class from 7:00-7:50pm***********************

Please send me any routines from the SSC you'd like featured in this class in future however!

Classes timetable:

Beginners will run from 8:00pm, and conclude at 9:00pm.

Intermediates: 7:00pm, concluding at 7:50pm.

Price: £3.00 per class or £12 for a 5 class pass.
Students £2.50 per class or £10 for a 5 class pass.
Those attending Int & Imp: £4/£3.50 (stu) or £16/£14 5 class pass.
This includes entry to post class social which runs till 9:30pm

Social dancing alone: £2/£1.50 (stu)

(If you are unsure which level would be appropriate, I invite you to try either on the first week with no charge for switching as required.)



Here's a map


Multiple bus services to the city centre are available, each with a stop in easy walking distance, one possible:


19:00 - 19:50 Intermediates
20:00 - 21:00 Improvers
20:00 - 21:00 Beginners
20:50 - 21:30 Social Dancing

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