Salsa Sin Fronteras

Orquesta Gali - Salsa Sin Fronteras (£9.99)

The first solo creation of Jorje Gali, a talented cuban pianist resident in Geneva, who fell in love with the open minded, multicultural "Salsa" and "Latino" scene in Europe. Jorje wanted to demonstrate that this steadily growing community of connoisseurs, with their own and specific Euro-Latino identity, seeks for the real pure Afro-Carribean origins of Salsa music, without comprimising neither the music style - by mixing with other traditions, nor the recording quality.

A great CD! Lots of fast Columbian Salsa!!! Oh and their is a guajira too so you can practice your cha cha.

Disk 1

1. - Si un amor se va Listen
2. - Se fue Micaela Listen
3. - Llora como llore
4. - Como olvidar mi pena
5. - No creo en sus manas
6. - Con mi guajira Listen
7. - Mi alma en dos
8. - Pregon a mi tierra
9. - El beso regalao
10. - Suena el tambor Listen

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