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Re: Re: Thursday's Salsa at EL BARRIO (Dr Salsa) - 24th March 2009 00:14:21 in section Heated
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Nice to see you on the board. Been a while :-)

Just to be clear I hold no contempt for you running your business as a...well... business. And that was kind of my point.

The kind of customers you need to stay in business and the kind of customers Salseros represent are polar opposites.

Don't re-write history though.

You competed (notice that I haven't used the word collaborated?) with every night going that did salsa, then when that night died you replaced your own with cheesy commercial music.

Then when you had the busiest and best night in Scotland every Friday, you switched it to a commercial night.

You honestly thought you had the scene stitched up and we would all transfer to the Thursday. It didn't happen. You made an aggressive play and the scene voted with it's feet.

Personally, I thought at the time you'd made the right choice for your business by going full-on commercial.

But in the process you pissed a lot of people off.

That's it really. It's not personal. It's not nasty. You made a business decision, you cut out the customers you didn't want (Salseros) and kept the ones you did (Latino friends and the greater drinking partying public).

However, I would suggest that it means you don't get us to come back and trust you with our money again. At least those of us with a memory long enough to remember how you treated us the first time.

You run a commercial latin bar, not a salsa venue. Where is the problem here?

Hope you're well.


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