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Re: Thursday's Salsa at EL BARRIO (El Barrio) - 24th March 2009 11:06:48 in section Heated
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Dear Graham

I know this does not apply to the vast majority of your members but indeed hope you will not censor this message and allow others to read this.

I run TWO very successful licensed bar and night club operations in Edinburgh and know the legalities of the market place (Licensing Act 1976). Pricing differentiation between Male/Female is commonplace in the licensing trade which does its business unchallenged in this respect. Before you do the maths and weigh up legal action in this respect…for the sake of £1, I’ll round up the charge for the more opinionated ones to £5 whether male or female. That should make you happy.

ANYWAY, moving on to the REAL issue.

Ulterior motives
What is the real issue? Dr Salsa provides some history for the benefit of newcomers: Cancelling the salsa night -Aggressive competition? As a business, should an organisation not undergo continuous product development and adopt a competitive strategy to stay in business? Forgive the analogous to business and practices thereof, but that is exactly what it is. Business. You hold contempt for me for this.

The fact is your site often breeds and facilitates the channelling of contempt and malice between promoters. Many defamatory remarks about my business have gone unchallenged because it’s not been brought to my attention earlier. I am not a fan of Salsaholics. Facebook is more my thing (bigger audience and more friendly environment). I seem to have caught this one mid-swing this time. Fun ;)

A number of your more voicetrous members have assigned themselves the self-appointed right to act as critics. They hide behind pseudonyms and seemingly enjoy a position over those who offer up their work and themselves for their judgement.

In many ways it’s easy to criticise the work of others. Fun to write. Fun to read. They thrive on negative criticism with nothing to lose. They create nothing and risk nothing but they enjoy judging the work of those who risk every thing.

I have given everything and have everything to lose. But we have many supporters and a wide customer-base. Many of them know of this debate but are reluctant to speak up though fear of confrontation. DJs fear they cannot get work, salseros fear they may be black-listed or excluded somehow. Go on Facebook. Check it out. I am not intimidated by you. I put my actions where my mouth is.

Today we run a very successful Latin bar & Club where Salsa music and dancing are ancillary to a wider spectrum of Latin music styles which draw different respective crowds throughout the week. From time-to-time we do announce some more salsa oriented events and turn to mediums such as Salsaholics for this which we do not use for our other offerings. We offer infrastructure and employ professional staff. You have to pay for quality and everyone is welcome to our premises on a commercial basis.

Graham, I would suggest you get your house in order and weed out those people who do nothing for the community but grow contempt and bad feeling. People are not stupid they see through this nonsense.

Héctor Lazcano (No pseudonyms)
El Barrio. Sent on behalf of as Hector does not have salsaholics account

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