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Re: Re: Re: Re: Thursday's Salsa at EL BARRIO (Tracey. H) - 23rd March 2009 21:16:50 in section Heated
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Hi. I only joined this site to come and see what events were on in terms of Salsa. To be honest what may or may have not went on, or people's perception of what may have happened in the past is not my concern. El Barrio is a great venue, the staff are great and welcoming, drink prices are very reasonable, the music is good, atmosphere is lively and very friendly. All business's compete...Supermarkets, bookmakers, pubs etc. I am not a Salsero just a woman who enjoy's dancing Salsa and as i said Hector and El Barrio provide a great Salsa night out! So if people have past issues, that is not my concern i am looking for somewhere to go enjoy dancing... and i do enjoy El Barrio. :) slandering others is not my thing so i am sorry but i can not agree.

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