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Re: Re: Re: Thursday's Salsa at EL BARRIO (Dr Salsa) - 23rd March 2009 20:22:27 in section Heated
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It's obvious you mean well, but....

Hector turned his back on the scene more than 5 years ago when he killed his Friday nights and TOLD the scene he wanted them to only come on a Thursday. This was after spending 5 years aggressively competing with and killing off other salsa clubs all over Edinburgh, so that really El Barrio was the only weekend night left in Edinburgh.

Hector is not a bad guy. But he does run a BUSINESS and is focused on the money. He wants to make lots of it.
Salsa makes no money. More specifically, Salseros do not spend money.

This fundamental problem will not have changed, so please do not expect anyone with a modicum of logic or memory on how he originally betrayed the scene to come flocking back.

Hector I'm sure will be delighted to have many happy heavy drinkers in his bar. This will unfortunately, by definition, exclude Salseros.

You can't reverse nearly 10 years of history and bad feelings, as hard as you may want to try.

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