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Tracey - I somehow doubt you'd think price doesn't matter if it was women who were being discriminated against. Please also remember that it's a misguided door policy that has irked people. Not an individual. I'm sure there's a reason for this and I'm sure it can be fixed.

The complaint as 'Salsa Fiesta' rightly points out is against discrimination and illegality. This should not be built into an event. The actual event, whether good or bad, is *imaterial* what matters is that the door policy is amoral, despicable, and utterly unlawful.

He must have *some* idea that it will be beneficial for *some* reason in order to wish to skew the gender ratios but all it's going to do is further skew an already skewed gender turnout. We're short leads, that means more men needed.

I would strongly recommend that this misandronious door policy is immediately dropped, at which point the event may actually have my custom. I suspect I am far from the only one who would boycott an event for such reasons.

Also if not dropped all involved with such policys are a sitting duck for the first lawyer who decides to blow them out of the water....I'm not sure whether it would be a hefty fine or jail time but it's certainly not worth whatever has motivated the idea.

So please lets scrap such an absurd pricing policy, and, as I suspect that there must somehow be method to this madness, discuss the reasons why it was thought necessary and see what legal and ethical measures can be taken to help fix whatever issue this is supposed to address....as I feel sure this isn't simply an arbetary attack on males, there must be a motivation.

However to discriminate against men is as unacceptable as to discriminate against women. .

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