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Re: Thursday's Salsa at EL BARRIO (von-trapp) - 20th March 2009 13:41:51 in section Heated
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The solution is simple within this pricing structure:-

1) £3 – gents*
2) £2 – ladies*
3) £5 - cross sex and dressing and you can dance with anyone
4) £5 - can dance with yourself
5) £3 - ladies dancing as gents
6) £5 - gents dancing as ladies
7) £3 - ladies who back lead

To implement these fairly you must be upfront with your intentions eg if you are a cross dressing (£5) gent (£3) dancing as a lady (£5) back leading (£3) with the occasional giggle in the corner (£5) then that will be £21.

* this is just to get in and watch NO dancing

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