Wanted friend/dance partner (Emma) - 16th February 2006 19:15:10 in section Help
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Hiya, I've done a little Salsa before, got taught a little in Peru when I was over there for a charity trek. Would like a male partner to go to lessons with, don't mind where or what night in particular, but it would be nice to go with a partner rather than have one sprung on me!

I am 5ft 2, 26, quite friendly but can be queit sometimes so it is hard to meet people to go salsa-ing with me.

also looking for some FRIENDS to go out salsa-ing with/for chats. It's so hard to meet people in Edinburgh and I've already been snubbed at work by some cliqey chicks (forgive my spelling!). I like pets, nature, movies, hot chocolate, rum & coke (occasional drinker), can pretty much talk about anything. Am an optimist with a surreal sense of humour.

Please e-mail sugarpencil@hotmail.com with a bit about yourself if you're interested.

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