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Re: Female Dance Partner Req. for Fife Class (caroline) - 9th February 2006 16:56:39 in section Help
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Welcome latindance77!
The usual complaint is that there aren't enough men dancing salsa so I'm sure there will be plenty of females interested in dancing with you. Maybe you could put in an e mail address in case any newbies are shy to post?
If you are really stuck for a partner then consider going to one of the classes advertised on this site (Stirling, Cupar, Falkirk or Edinburgh for example). For most salsa classes it's quite ok to arrive on your own and many of the teachers rotate the partners so that no-one feels left out. I know several classes in Edinburgh where you'd be very welcome to turn up on your own, for example.
Best of luck to you.....and pass the word around folks!

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