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Female Dance Partner Req. for Fife Class (latindance77) - 8th February 2006 21:22:29 in section Help
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Greetings all.
I live in Dunfermline and wish to learn Salsa. Rab at Salsa Jive has kindly allowed me to attend the classes which he organises in Kingseat by Dunfermline, despite the fact that the classes are for partners / couples. I will ask around my social circle and colleagues at work - but I guessed that anyone with a genuine interest in learning Salsa will visit these pages. Are there any females in Fife and surrounding area who wish to learn Salsa but req. a partner? I am a 28yr. young male - pic. emailed if required.
The Classes are held every Tuesday evening at 6:45pm at the Halfway House Hotel, Kingseat by Dunfermline.

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