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SAD SHOE STORY (Hixie) - 18th November 2005 11:17:56 in section Help
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I think I'm actually beyond help but wanted to share my dilemma! Ever since my toe finally broke through the surface of my Nine West shoes that I have used for dancing since...I can't even remember how long but we're talking years, I have been searching for replacement footwear. I would love to get a pair of proper salsa shoes but dispair of ever finding anything I like the look of that fits and feels comfortable. As well as having tried on everything in the Rose St shop, I have ordered shoes from various dancewear sites, which I have returned straight away as no good. There's a relatively new shop in Haddington too but I know they are sick of the sight of me now as I go in, try a few things on and then leave with nothing. But my biggest disappointment was having recently included a visit to the main SUPADANCE outlet in North London while on a long weekend down South. I spent THREE HOURS in there trying on absolutely everything - it was salsa shoe heaven....wall-to-wall shoes and all of them gorgeous (I'm not a shoe person by the way - have total of four pairs to my name, including the offending Nine West efforts!). I came away with NADA! How is this possible? I swear that not one single pair that fitted me properly. Apparently I have quite narrow feet and they didn't have any narrow-fitting models for me to try so maybe that's the problem. Does anyone know of an actual physical (as opposed to cyber) SHOP in Scotland (or just over the border- would travel as far as Newcastle, I suppose) that has a good selection of different width dance footwear?? You know, while I was in Supadance, several punters came in and spent less than 15mins looking, trying on and PURCHASING shoes - this made my whole experience even more frustrating - HOW DO THEY DO IT?! I know what you're thinking - forget new shoes, I need a new pair of FEET!

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