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CDs for sale (Lloyd) - 18th March 2005 11:11:59 in section Top10
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Don’t know why I didn’t think of mentioning this here before.
Recently I took advantage of the dollar rate and imported in bulk 6 of my favourite CDs, in order to share shipping and import costs and allow my students to buy CDs they otherwise couldn’t get for the price of a CD in Virgin or HMV.
The CDs I bought in were CDs that I felt were ‘must haves’ for dancers and had 75%-100% great dance tracks – so no danger of buying a ‘1 dance track CD’ which we’ve all done!
Some of them are mentioned here in other’s top 10 lists and while not exclusively NY, this is Lloyd here, so their genre is mainly NY Style Salsa, Guaguanco, Mambo and Cha Cha Cha and they tend to me upbeat and jazzier - like the sounds Carol Ann and I play at the Salsa Lounge. Most of them contain tracks that have been popular in the past few years and may be old hat to a lot of old timers but lots of newer dancers haven’t heard them played much.
The feedback I have had from those who bought them is that they were, in one person’s words ‘bl---y brilliant’ and some have came back and bought further CDs the next again day. I am starting to get requests to buy in more and there are plenty more I’d like everyone to have in their collection but am waiting until the current batch are bought up.
I currently have some copies 3 CDs left and if anyone would like one I usually have them with me when I am out and about (at Salsa Caribe tonight for instance). So if you have £15 for a great CD come and speak to me and you can go home and bring pleasure to your ears (and your feet and body if you have energy left after a great night out).
Perhaps some of those who have bought copies would like to comment here how they found them!!!
The CDs I have left are
- ‘Dance City’ by Eddie Torres and his Mambo Kings Orchestra – released in 1994 it was deleted for awhile and I tried for years to get a copy of this and other European suppliers say it is very hard to come by. My rating 10/10 – 2 copies left
- ‘Un Congo Me Dio La Letra’ – Grupo Caribe – this album was raved about and played heavily when it was released in 2002. My rating 8/10 – 5 copies left
- ‘Across 110th St’ – Spanish Harlem Orchestra. This was SHO’s 1994 follow up to their hit original CD ‘ Un Gran Dio in El Barrio’ and while I didn’t like it as much as that one it grows on you – lots of slow burners here – Lloyd’s rating 9/10 – 4 copies left

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