New Los Van Van -Chapeando CD (Stuart Bailey) - 13th January 2005 17:12:03 in section Announcements
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For those fans awaiting the release of the new Los Van Van CD 'Chapeando' there are copies available in the UK through Key 2 Cuba - £15 plus £2 P&P (note that 50% of profits go directly to Van Van). Key 2 Cuba have recently secured the distribution rights in Europe and imported the CD after the recent trip to Havana at Xmas. Due to flight delays and rescheduling, the Scottish couriers (i.e. me and a couple of others) have ended up with 120 copies in Glasgow. John Ribchester at Key 2 Cuba has authorised us to sell them on his behalf before he collects them from us for £15 saving the Postage & Packaging of £2. So if anyone wants a copy, text Stuart Bailey on 07989 420 325 or see Donna Agnew at class or at The Merlin on Friday 14th Jan.

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