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Every one of those songs is from a CD that is pretty good in its own right (except the Jimmy Bosch one which I don't like that much). The Sexappeal, Polo MontaƱez and the Angelique Kidjo CDs in particular are personal favourites of mine but when I value the worth of a CD as a DJ it has more to do with the number of killer tracks on it than the overall aesthetic quality. I'd rather have a crap CD with one fantastic song (which I can use) than a decent CD with lots of reasonable songs but no killers. Still, no CD collection should be without Llego Van Van by los Van Van, Esto Si es Salsa de Verdad by Fruko and Pa' Otro La'o by Chichi Peralta.

PS anyone who finds Los Van Van boring got too much chopped off during their lobotomy operation.
Graeme take note!

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