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As I said some of the moves Farah and some of her friends from Macumba in Havana played around with but the rest involves the dancer doing what the singer says. Like when he says " and how do the women like it ....like this!!" the credit kind of has to go to the guy who wrote the song (a Cuban). The lyrics suggest the moves, isn't that the whole point of a line dance. Farah adds in some meneando of her own and thats that. Lots of these dances get choreographies added to them - some will come via the video. In Cuba much of it will come from what the singer does on stage (if it is a Cuban band) and many choreographies come from the professional dancers that have to do Cabarets in the hotels and clubs. It strange for some dancers if there Spanish isn't so hot but if the song tells you to move your hips, everyone will move their hips. When the song moves to a less directed part the dancer is free to add their own movements.

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