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Re: Line Dance Video on YouTube (Duncanario) - 25th August 2007 00:02:24 in section Help
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OK since nobody has posted the answer to these I'll tell you that the first song is called Azucar and is sung by Eddy McLean. The second song is called Mueve la Colita by S.B.S. (both cuban artists). Both of these dance routines were introduced by Farah Portela (from Tumbao) around 7 years ago when she taught with the Academia de Salsa. The routine for Azucar was the one that tended to be done in Cuba at the time the song was introduced. The second half Farah developed with some friends and professional dancers from the Macumba night Club in Havana, near La Lisa where she is from (the other half follows the instructions given by the singer). The music is a bit dated now since the trend for this kind of stuff in Cuba has moved to Reggaeton.

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