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Hi Nick
I'm writing to recount what I have seen in what might be a longer running salsa scene in the south of England. I live in commuting distance from London (though don't salsa there much) and have access to lots of motorways, so lots of towns. It seems to me that most people want to stay fairly close to home midweek, so having competing events on opposite sides of town shouldn't be a problem. It's the parties at weekends that suffer when there is too much competition. If there aren't enough dancers on the scene, a party with only half the possible number just might be boring - then people don't come back. I've seen clubs that were great as monthly events go bad when the promoters switch to weekly - however good a club is, no-one wants to go to the same place every week. Down here lots of the promoters do co-operate, we regularly walk into a venue and pick up flyers for other organisers. One guy I can think of won't co-operate and won't have other people's flyers at his events, so he goes round sticking flyers under everyone's windscreen wipers (and annoys us in the process). It makes so much sense to co-operate, the more events there are to go to, the more experience everyone gets, they get better, its more fun etc etc. Salsa is about fun - co-operating has to be a win-win - if you fight you'll probably all lose-lose (money if nothing else)! Happy dancing x

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