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Our Developing Salsascene (Nick) - 20th October 2004 10:18:00 in section Heated
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I've hesitated a few times over this message. I'm looking for a constructive reflection - outside of Salsalink which remains as neutral a source of straight information as I can get it to be - about what people think about collaboration versus competition between Salsa events/organisers. Although my interest obviously arises from new developments in Edinburgh and Glasgow, maybe people could respond to this by keeping it general if possible, and maybe with a future scene in mind rather than present tensions flaring up.

For example: (How) can the salsa scene now or soon be big enough to take another step forward and increase the numbers of punters enough so that two clashing events in the same (big enough) city can be successful and a positive choice for punters? There's been clashes between weekly clubs and monthly ones for a long time now, so what's new anyway? Maybe it's good to have variety - and maybe it's safer given venues fragility for Salsa, rather than put eggs in one basket? Can organisers remain pals, as other people who are in the same line of business can do, while also developing what are basically competing events?

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