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My computer's totally infected with spyware and viruses (thank god Colin is coming to fix it this afternoon) so haven't been keeping up to date. I just logged on at uni... wow!!! Didn't see this coming!
Colin, very well said! And Martin you too! :) Suavemente, I was going to point out the very same quote that Colin put up as his first point... which is your own words about telling us who u were. And by the way I have no intention of playing Cluedo with you... If you can't be bothered telling us who you are then, whatever, stay anonymous. But I'm not going to take anything you say seriously until I have a person to put with the name. So you're fighting for a lost cause here when it comes to me.
And I know many other people who have asked "Who's that suavemente?" in the past months... which supports the fact that you must have stirred up some of the debates on this site... not that I need to prove it, it's write here on the message board. I'm not trying to stir anything up, I'm just trying to stop your complaining.
Just relax man! Enjoy the music for what it is! And if yo don't like it, just enjoy watching the people who are enjoying it!
PS the caps lock wasn't a mistake

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