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1. "PS Didn't realise I was a secret - my Salsa friends and lovers all know me.... but I think now I'll get a decent pic to upload "pour votre plaisire" !!!"

2. As above, you said you would upload a pic and that post was made at "23rd August 2006 00:52:41". Surely it can't be that hard for you to email a picture to Graeme to get onto this site?

3. Not complaining? Just expressing an opinion? A simple search on this message board with your name associated with reggeaton brings up a dozen posts you have made slagging it off, seems when ever you get a chance, you take it. That's no longer an opinon, it's a complaint and an obsession!

4. Hold on, what? You would prefer to sit out of the salsa tracks you don't like rather than the other unexpected forms of tracks? Sorry for repeating that sentence, I just wanted to see if it made more sense when I typed it... what an arrogant point that one is!

I don't know you suavemente and I'm almost certain you don't know me either but your constant whinging like a 5 year old kid that has just ahd his/her ice cream stolen from them is rather pathetic. If you can't handle hearing a few tracks during a night out that you don't like, that is a serious problem of *yours* and no one elses, and I suggest you get over it sooner than later becuase it is making you look like an idiot!

Oh and as for the whole time debocle, I'd just like to point out before you do that, yes, I have plenty of it and I encourage you to type a reply to me so I can waste more time on you. Thanks!


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