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Lol, maybe I should just use the same pic too! haha! It looks like quite a trendy one! :)

Still promise to come up soon, sounds great! :) I've heard this name Mauricio too many times! Is he the guy who organises the shows and concerts? Carlos PeNa and his band played there right?
Mauricio sounds like a legend! I think everyone should go up and learn a valuable lesson about what varied music does for a place! ;)
Shell said she bumped into Kirsteen there last weekend. Cool!!! Would love to see her again too!

And Anne was telling me about a club in Dundee that's awesome too... Dono if it's the same kind of awesome, or just salsa salsa salsa awesome! Lol. I dono why I made a connection there... both up north I guess. My geographical knowledge of Britain is appalling! But I'd like to go to both.

Guess it'll have to be when the work load lessens! ...speaking of... better get back it... suppose I'll be up another few hours. AAAARRRRGGHHHH!!!!

PS. Frances you'll be glad to know I don't have a clue who you are either! :)

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