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Re: Duncanario (frances) - 1st November 2006 12:26:37 in section Top10
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Well fil would you adam and eve it Los Van Van are not in my top 3 for 2006 or Charanga . here goes and by the way can you point some of these tunes out to me.
For 2006 my top 3
1 Haila Solita
2 Bamboleo Todo lo bonito
3 Adalberto Alvarez Y que tu quieres que te den
My top3 Classics
1 Necesito amarte. The version I have is Sonido Caliente but Ive heard another I like.
2 Polo montanez Homenaje a Jose Marti
3 Isaac Delgado Y NG La banda Necesito una Amiga
3 A Los Van Van track that I dont know the name of.Played in Cuba lots in 2000

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