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sorry Frankie I missed this in the flurry of messages ummm lemme think ....its kinda changes all the time but as of this moment top tracks would have to be .......

1 Tito Sierra - Silver Trail Mambo
2 Tirso Duarte Timba Cubana
3 maelo ruiz te va a doler ( i know .i'm a big softy )
4 Wayne Gorbea Prakatun ( for the instrumentals )
5 Nelson Manuel Palabras
6 Azere Destinos - habanera ( although going down )
7 Orquestra De La Luz Descarga De La Luz
8 Edie Palmeri ( ? ) Pa La Ocha Tambo ( a live version I have here thats 12 minutes of heart attack material )
9 Tito Sierra - Rumba Pa Glen
10 one that I found online radio Elvisman , there's plenty shouts of of MAMBO .........and some wicked solos .I'd need to play it to some of the more knowlegeable ones around here to ID it but Lorna's got a copy and loves it so it'll be being aired in Glasgow.

now as for all time top 10's thats really difficult cause above there 's ney L.V.V. nor Africando nor Richardo Lembvo , 3 of my favourites who'd have to feature heavily.

ok your go ............

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