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Suavemente... Who are you? You said everybody knows who you are and that you didn't know you were anonymous... and you also said you'd put a photo up. I have yet to find someone who knows who you are.

Your comment would be much more creditable if we knew who it was that was doing all the complaining. I have a funny feeling 'all the people' who complain are actually the same person with different names!

So come on, prove me wrong. Why don't all the people who have complaints have the courage to put their real names? Does anyone else notice the pattern?

Don't slag off the dj's. They all do a great job of reacting to what the crowd wants. If we don't attract people other than salsa addicts, the bar will make no money and we risk losing Latino nights altogether.

So how about you don't complain and you just sit out for 2 minutes while there's a song on that you don't like. You can't always have everything you want in life. You need to think about what everyone wants. Otherwise people like us (who love a wide variety of music to stop us getting bored) will stop coming out. And you'll be left to dance either with just salsa addicts (who tend to drink only water so after a while, the club is bound get rid of the night), or maybe you should just play music to yourself in you living room if you don't like what the djs play. They're not there to please only one person, their job is to please EVERYONE! It can't be easy! And I on top of that, the majority of what is played IS what you want... salsa! So you're getting the most you could ask for!!!!! Give them a break!!!!!!!!

Either way, can you please tell me of a specific time when you've seen the dance floor empty when a reggaeton or african track comes on? It's full every time! And it brings life to the place! A whole different energy hits the place!
It's when everybody interacts the most! Everyone gets into a big circle and claps and wooo's at eachother and anyone who's standing nearby is likely to be dragged in to join the fun. And everybody has a great laugh TOGETHER! It's a change from the FAR less sociable 2-person couple dancing isn't it? And most importantly it attracts newbies! They feel less shy to give it a go coz they're just joining in a big hoard of ppl all grinning from ear to ear, and they see how much fun we have in the clubs. HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT US TO HAVE THAT LITTLE BIT OF FUN JUST BECAUSE YOU DON'T WANT TO STAND OUT FOR 2 MINUTES?
If all the newbies see is cliquey couple dancing which they don't know how to do, they won't come back.

So please think about it from the dj's perspective instead of your own. And from the club manager's perspective. The only way we can have these moments of group fun is if the right music is played. If you want to reggaeton not to be played ever again, just because you can't be bothered to take a 2 minute breather, you're stopping all the other people (including the non-salsa-addicts who are the ones who keep your club manager from putting on Latino nights at all) from having a wonderful time.

I don't understand what is so hard to grasp about this fact. The club is for everybody, not just for you, let us have our couple of reggaeton tracks which make it the best part of the night for us. After all, you're getting what you want for THE REST OF THE NIGHT!

Seriously dude, have a heart!!!

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