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Well you're entitled to your opinion Tico. Presumably there are people out there who are merengaholics.

Personally I hate to hear it. I loath the 'merengue breaks'. That said I know why DJ's play them. I know why, if I were DJing, I'd probably end up having to grit my teeth and play them. Many DJ's out there are putting them on when the floor gets quiet. It's a tried and tested method. It gets the people who can't dance on the sidelines up to have a go. It gets the beginners up again. Since the "can't dance" and beginners outnumber intermediate and advanced dancers the net result is the floors do get mobbed again.

That said many advanced and intermediate dancers sit them out. True it does coax up the people in the catagories I meantioned before and a wise DJ can keep many of them there even when he slowly transitions back to salsa. When the advanced/intermediate dancers stop cursing the music put down their waters and take back to the floor.

Having said that when I heard Chris's night was 100% salsa I changed from thinking "maybie I might go...perhaps if I've got time" to "I'm there".

In fact to the intermediate/advanced crowd a quiet floor is a blessing - loads of space. They should also see that to the Venue it's makes the night look less popular thus it's the exact antithesis of what the DJ wants.

A clever DJ can even use effects like these to their advantage to clear floors for a couple of tracks before they put into that must-dance-to number that they've decided to dance themselves. I know one such fly DJ who will remain unnamed having said that I'm onto his tactic now and am nolognger fooled. That said I still have on thing left to say to him:


I usually hate it when topics go off on a tangent...but I see a storm brewing so perhaps a tangent is the best place to be.

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